This site is develop to explorer the modern-nepal,to show that how much western culture have effected our nepali society,todays youth have an open mind for sex,and try to copy western society as well as wat they see in xxx film,this site will explorer the entire modern-nepal

So frens share us the thing by mailing us the photos and videos u have ur post will update in this site,and even will displayed ur name and place if want,but ur e-mail id will never be flash,u all are free to mail us at:

Help us to explorer modern-nepal and tell youth that follwing western culture 100% is very much dangerous.All the language written in this site are simple so that every one could understand it easily.

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Video section under maintainess

Due to lot of video in this site,it over load and is under maintains as many other site are offering videos that we have so we will upload our video after few time,HOWEVER YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FEW VIDEOS,don't worry guys we will we back soon with new Nepali videos

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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